Monae is a wonderful woman. She was able to make it work so that 2 friends,
Andy and Marcus drive Disco to Santa Clarita. There we were able to pick up our first pup!
We were so excited to make the drive last night,Tuesday, April 20th up North to Santa Clarita with her new bed, toys and supplies to ensure a safe and comfortable ride home.


The female of the 2 pups was sensitive and docile. She won our hearts and convinced us that she was the puppy we would bring in to our home. It was evident that she was looking for a happy home and plenty of love! BINGO!

I will tell you, when we both arrived at he meeting point (In & Out Burger - YUM!) we were like 2 live wires. The drive up gave us such excitement with the anticipation of seeing Disco again. We parked and shortly after, Andy and Mark arrived. We stepped over to the car and saw that Disco was looking all about. I can say that she looked as though she was home. In this I mean, Andy and Mark had given her love and care so that she felt comfortable enough with the trip from Kelseyville, California.
We lifted her from the cage and were pleasantly surprised at her growth. She had been and a third smaller the last we held her.

Over all it was wonderful to get her home! The drive was short compared to the drive up. She wanted to play and snuggle. The day had been a long one - the drive from Kelseyville and now the drive to San Diego. Wow!

Marcus and Andy (thank you again, guys!)

Andy with Disco
- saying farewell seemed difficult for them and we understood.

Ken - he is the one with the smile from ear-to-ear.
Disco is the other.

We understood that she wanted to crash. But the best of this was that she wanted to be loved. She nusseled up against my arms and hands on the way home and would glace up at Ken as he was driving and with those big brown eyes, I could feel she knew she was home.

Welcome home,Disco!

Stay tuned for the "Puppy Shower"!


Disco and I. Finally!

Above: Disco is the pup on the right hand side. You will notice that she has the smooth rounded head and that her brother has the adorable folds from top of the head to flaps!

She will soon become "Disco" for our family and friends to adore.

It is quite obvious that she is lovable and ready to be showered with lots of attention and love!

We will be traveling back up to Kelseyville in 3 weeks to bring "Disco" home and pick the male pup from another litter of Monet's.

You think we are excited?

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