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We would like to thank all of our friends, family of friends and loved ones who have given us so much support in our hunt for the new bullies!

A special dose of love and care goes out to Charles and Michael for allowing us to take their time in this search and being so kind to drive us out to Kelseyville and give 2 bulldog puppies such a loving home. We love you guys so much!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Michael Shannon and Thomas allowed us to rest in their fabulous home on "Postcard Row" in San Francisco for the weekend. We appreciate their kindness and hospitality and wish them again, a very Happy 11th Anniversary.

Above: Michael Ferguson and Charles Grisier with "Millie" at the
Shannon-Kavanaugh House
in San Francisco.

Above: Far left is the Shannon-Kavanaugh House
- click on image to see more on the house

Love and appreciation go out to "The Rosas" family for their wonderful gift basket - full of all that a pup could need to start off.

We appreciate the gift so much and return the love!

A wonderful card from Dale and Lou which gives an ordinary girl pup the permission to be a "fabulous" puppy.

Thank you Auntie Mame and Gooch - we love you!

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Auntie Mame is thrilled! Now I have someone to open a
new window for.....well at least open the doggie door
for! Congratulations, their pictures are adorable.
Auntie Mame can't wait to make them their first doggie
martini.....we'll call it a Barktini.

Awaiting pantingly,
Auntie Mame from Rancho San Diego

She is so fricking cute I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Tracy from San Diego

I can hardly wait to see the new addition this spring.

Uncle Bob from Seattle

Dear Glenn,

That was absolutely adorable!!! We wait with anticipation. We are new grandparents, and you will be new parents. Enjoy!

Auntie Nesta from Carlsbad

I'm so happy for the both of you. I want to come visit ya'll maybe in MAY? Dave and I have b-days/anniversary in May and I thought a visit to SD would be appropriate. Would you guys be around?

Aunt Angela from New Mexico

Congratulations!!! They are SO cute!!

Uncle Richard from Los Angeles

Coolness & Congratulations!
They are so cute! Thanks for sending me the link.

Aunt Ana from North Park, CA
They are sooooooooooo cute.
Would love to see you and the pups. Adorable.

Aunt Bonnie from San Diego

How cute!!!!!

We can't wait til the puppy shower!
Uncle Len & Uncle Chris from San Diego
Ken & Glenn,
Your new puppies are gorgeous!!!
Chayo from San Diego
Congrats on the puppies!
I recently became an uncle to 5 pekingese puppies
myself(5 wks).
There just so adorable.
Don't you wish they could all stay
baby's. We'll have to exchange pics.

Uncle Gilbert from San Diego
I look forward to the puppy shower!

Auntie Sarah from La Mesa, CA

Congrats on the new doggies!
I always wanted to be an auntie. Move over Auntie Mame, there is a new bitch in town!
Uncle Lou from Rancho San Diego
Hi! Glenn & Ken,

I love my new niece, it’s about time you two have another baby. I can’t tell who she favors more, a little bit of both I see. SMILE. I’m happy for the both of you, but I don’t envy the training part. You guys will do fine, you’re such good parents. I want to be one of your children in my next life.

I Love You Both,

Sister Gina from Seattle, WA

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